"We worked with Suzanne for our rental property purchase at Vienna, it was a little bit complicated as there was some story from seller side. During the process Suzanne was very professional and explain the situation very thoroughly to us. She is always there whenever you have questions NEVER drop the ball. Her legal background was also very helpful.
She is the best of three agents we have worked with."

-Vinnie and Jialin

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with Suzanne. She was friendly, candid, reachable, pleasant and professional.  Her superior communication skills helped translate cryptic (to us) VA/conventional loan details and their implications for us. She had an awesome blend of giving us time to think through decisions and gently reminding us when decision times were approaching. It was a flawless relationship for an imperfect sale … she kept us sane and patient by keeping us apprised of each step as it was happening and giving us the feedback we needed to hear on what would help our house sell. She goes the extra mile and treated us a friends and not just clients. We’re happy to have met her and thrilled to still be in touch!”

- Mo and Jenn 

 "A partner - a person that compliments your weakest and strengthen you. I search and look every where for this unique individuals. 

Suzanne is a partner. She understands your situation, your weakness, offers a solution, and supports you to achieve your goal. We need more like her. It's very rare to find a person like her. It was a pleasure and a privilege working with her."

- Patrick

"My experience with Suzanne was great, she cares about you and she goes the extra mile to help you find the right home. I gladly recommend her! Thank you, Suzanne!"


"We listed our home with Suzanne at a price near the top of the range of her recommendation and we had 3 offers within 4 days. After a quick negotiation on a few minor details we picked the best deal and had a signed contract immediately thereafter. Overall a very smooth process."